3 Best Email Marketing Services

Are you thinking about launching an email marketing campaign?

According to research by DMA, you can expect an average return-on-investment (ROI) of 42:1.

That means that for every dollar you spend on an email marketing campaign, you receive $42 in sales.

Sounds great, right?

However, the catch is that it’s an average number – your performance may vary.

Take comfort though in the fact that there are plenty of internet marketers out there, making ROIs well in excess on 100:1 for their campaigns, so the ROI range is quite broad.

As you foray into email marketing, you might not know what to expect from your first email campaign.

You also need to have the right tools in place to deploy and measure.

If you have over 1,000 contacts, typing each of them a personalized email isn’t an option.

It would help if you had an automated solution to help you handle the workflow.

When setting up an email campaign, you’ll need to choose an email marketing service for your strategy.

This software forms the backbone of your email campaign, providing you with a platform to reach your list and collect metrics such as open rate and clickthrough rate (CTR).

In this post, we’ll unpack the offerings from three leading email marketing services.

Keep in mind that these tools will help you manage your list and send emails.

There are a variety of complimentary email tools that will help you actually build a list in real-time!


1. MailChimp

MailChimp is the leading email marketing service online.

The user-friendly design allows the creation of your ideal email using a drag-and-drop builder and content blocks.

Some users might find it challenging to use the platform at first, but the MailChimp knowledge base has everything you need to get your first campaign underway.

MailChimp offers you a suite of tools to check on the conversion and efficacy of your campaign.

You get a cross-device testing service that helps you figure out what elements of your campaign are causing your prospects to take action on your CTAs – that’s pretty useful.

MailChimp comes with a host of feature-rich functions for building your campaigns.

I like the automated features like the multi-step workflows, allowing users to create drip campaigns and onboarding emails for list subscribers.

eCommerce professionals can use the multi-stage workflows to create cart abandonment campaigns or welcome emails to engage your prospects and customers.

While MailChimp is a feature-rich platform, with everything you need to launch outstanding email campaigns, it might not be the best choice for larger users that want to push prospects into sale funnels as fast as possible.


MailChimp Email Service Highlights

  • Behavioral targeting and advanced audience segmentation
  • Multi-device testing and previews of your emails and campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop web-builder included for creating landing pages
  • Integration of Google Analytics for performance tracking
  • Plenty of integrations and useful applications


MailChimp Pricing

Good news! MailChimp offers you a free plan, allowing you to reach out to 2,000 contacts each month.

However, tiered pricing systems will enable you to reach more users if you have a larger list.

The Essentials Plan with MailChimp starts at $9.99/month.


2. AWeber

AWeber is a popular choice with internet marketers and small business owners.

You get a functional and feature-rich platform that’s perfect for building any email campaign.

You get fantastic integrations, allowing you to beef up your online marketing efforts.

AWeber provides an automated email solution.

You get options for creating, curating, and sending customized email marketing campaigns with targeted messaging.

It also connects with the most popular eCommerce platforms and plugins, including WP WooCommerce, online stores like Shopify, and CRMs, like Salesforce.

You get comprehensive email testing across all devices.

There’s plenty of options for building drip campaigns, and the limited free plan has enough functionality to start your first email campaign on the right foot.


AWeber Email Service Highlights

  • Multi-device email testing
  • Signup forms to newsletters and email lists included
  • List segmentation and management options
  • Plenty of useful integrations to boost the efficacy and effectiveness of your campaigns


AWeber Pricing

AWeber gives you a free plan for 500 subscribers.

However, if you have a larger list, you’ll need to take the $16.15 monthly subscription billed annually.

This subscription tier lets you reach 3,000 subscribers or customers each month.

There are additional tiers if you have over 3,000 subscribers.


3. Constant Contact

This email marketing service has the longest legacy in this review, and it’s a popular alternative to MailChimp.

The email editor offers a user-friendly interface with personalization features for your campaigns along with easy setup.

Constant Contact is a good choice for beginners with access to automated features like A/B testing and autoresponders.

We think the event invitations management is a unique feature of this platform, making it suitable for larger businesses that want to promote events.

You get an RSVP tool to help you with organizing your online courses and webinars.

Your email invites allow the prospect to confirm their attendance by clicking a link embedded in the email itself.

This platform is a great choice for educational institutions, event planners, and marketers organizing live events.


Constant Contact Email Service Highlights

  • Create compelling invitations, surveys, coupons, and polls
  • Includes a lead form builder to grow your list
  • Automated resending options
  • Facebook and Instagram insights and ads
  • Social media account integrations


Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact comes with a free 60-day trial of the platform. The company is confident you’ll like its offering, presenting you with two paid options, starting at $20 per month.


Which Email Marketing Service is Best for My Business?

Choosing the right email marketing service for your business depends on your needs.

MailChimp offers a great solution if you’re starting online and have a smaller list of under 2,000 contacts.

You get plenty of features and functionality, as well as testing, an integrated web-builder, and the option to upgrade your account as your business scales.

AWeber is a good choice for marketers looking to run advanced drip campaigns and other email marketing strategies involving more content.

AWeber comes with everything you need to design fantastic campaigns and plenty of integrations with other plugins and tools to help you get more out of your campaigns and the platform.

Organizations will find Constant Contact to be a useful email marketing service.

You get integration with social media, and plenty of features and functions for your campaigns.

It might be expensive, but it’s a powerful email tool that brings results.

Choose the email service that meets your needs, and start working on your first campaign today!

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