How To Make A Logo For All Budgets

Are you thinking about the design tasks involved in setting up your blog or online business?

Your logo is a representation of your company and your values, and there’s more to selecting the right logo than you think. We put together this list of resources to help you with your design.


Why Do I Need a Logo for My Brand or Business?

There are several reasons why you need an effective and recognizable logo for your company.

1. Create a Brand Identity

Your logo forms the foundation of your brand identity.

What is a brand identity?

It’s how your prospects and customers view your brand, your values, and your service.

When people see your logo on a product, product listing, service, or a piece of content, they know what to expect.

A brand identity separates you from your competition, giving your business an edge.

2. Create an Impression with Your Target Audience

Your logo creates an impression of your company.

If you’re using bright colors and complicated design, it will have less impact than plain colors and minimalist design.

Take the Nike Swoosh, for example.

It’s a simple design with black and white colors, and it’s really effective.

Going overboard with your design with intricate patterns and colors makes things confusing for your prospects.

3. Get Attention

Your logo acts as the first design element prospects see when landing on your site.

A well-designed and memorable logo helps you set the tone of your site.

It provides prospects with a touchpoint they’ll recognize on all your product offerings and content going forward.

4. Create Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty

Your logo acts as a piece of marketing material for your prospects and customers.

Customers link their experience to your logo, and when they see it, it unconsciously triggers those same positive buying emotions.

A logo helps you create brand loyalty in your market while spreading your message.

5. Separate Yourself from the Competition

Your logo acts as your company’s unique identity in the market.

Think of it as a business fingerprint that’s unique and original – just like your business model.


5 Resources to Create Logos at Any Budget


1. – $5+ for Multiple Logo Designs

When most entrepreneurs want design work done for discount rates, they turn to Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online platform housing thousands of freelancers from countries around the world.

The freelancers advertise their services in different categories, specializing in specific work relating to online business.

Navigate to the design tab, and search for listings offering logo designs.

There are thousands of listings, with eager freelancers looking to please.

Some offer you a single design for $5, while others might charge you $15 for three logos and design input or free changes.

Fiverr is a great resource, but it comes packed with inexperienced designers looking to earn a living.

You might not get the quality you want out of this option, but it’s a fast and inexpensive solution for your logo design.


2. 99 Designs – Crowdsource Your Logo Design

99 Designs is another option for your logo design.

With this platform, you create a design competition on the site.

You list the specifications you want in your logo, and set a price for your contest, along with a closing date for submissions.

After your ad goes live, designers create a range of logo templates and submit them through your account on the site.

You pick the design you feel is the winner, and that designer wins the contest, and the cash prize.

99 Designs is an effective way to get plenty of choice for your logo.

However, you might have to set a higher price to capture the interest of better designers.


3. UpWork & Freelancer – Find a Professional Designer

These two sites operate similar to Fiverr.

However, with these platforms, you create the listing.

You post a job on the relevant design board, describing what you expect from your logo design.

Attach all the relevant information, and then post the job.

Freelancers get back to you on your dashboard messaging system, bidding for the job.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the lowest bid. Look through your applications and find freelancers with credible reputation scores on the site.

Upwork and Freelancer make money by charging you a percentage fee.


4. – Your Online Logo Generator

This logo maker is super easy to use and also very intuitive, producing great results in seconds.

Enter in your Brand Name.

Choose an Industry.


You’ll get a ton of different related options.

Pick one you like and customize to your desire with the easy to use editor.

Purchase to download your high-res files.


5. Graphic River – Choose a Stock Logo

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to get a logo, why not go with a stock design?

Stock logos are pre-designed logos by top artists.

You get a professional design for a great price.

Stock logos feature generic designs, allowing you to replace the company name with yours.

The design already has all the other design elements worked out, and your name is the only variable you can change with the design.

Graphic River offers you over 50,000 stock logo designs, with tremendous variety.

Most designs sell for around $30, and you can download the files after finalizing your purchase.

It’s a great way to get instant results with your logo design and more control over the process.


Wrapping Up – Choose the Provider that Meets Your Design Requirements and Your Budget

Choose the right provider to match your design needs and your budget.

You can start for free right now with a logo generator, or get in touch with a freelancer to set your design terms and negotiate rates.

Start a contest for your logo design, or turn to professionals.

Your choice depends on your budget and your needs.

Pick the right provider, and start the process right now.

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